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You’re charged with telling your brand’s story, but how do you cut through the thousands of messages that your audience hears every single day? How can you venture away from the same old ideas and land in an innovative, attention-grabbing campaign that will move your stakeholders to action.

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Learn why companies like Long John Silver’s, Sonic, Petco, and Taxslayer work with us to create a compelling and unique piece of content that sets their company apart from the rest.

Spoken Cinema takes basic elements of a company’s story and brings magic and art to it and language that people hadn’t really heard before. It. Blew. Their. Minds.
— Rich, Arrow Electronics


After 53 years with the same logo, Farmers Insurance decided it was time to update their iconic logo to something more digitally friendly. However, they realized that there would be substantial push back from their 20,000 independent agents that were using the existing logo in every aspect of their businesses.

Farmer’s Insurance approached Spoken Cinema to create a piece that addressed all of their concerns, while at the same time, reinforced that who they were as a company had not wavered in the slightest. Not changing was going to be a Risky Proposition.

In 2016, we worked with Petco to tell their story at their annual Leadership Summit. The genesis behind this piece had to do specifically with their marketing campaign at the time. They were really pushing the power of “CO” (as in Petco). In latin, it means “together” or “the joining of two or more things”. So, when Steve began writing about the power of a name to reinforce this concept since the “CO” exists as part of Petco’s name and as part of their DNA.

His illustrations demonstrate the power of names and how they become more than words - they become identifiers to humans, their pets and other things that we have emotional connections to. This set up the final connection point that has so much deliberate power in the name of Petco. The piece was very well received across their audience and empowered the company as they set out on their mission to be the leading pet specialty retailer that delivers health experiences for pets.

We work with an incredible team of designers, composers and animators at Go West Creative. This video is a glimpse into the various ways that our graphics and animation will look in different sized rooms when paired with Steve’s powerful words and captivating delivery. From large ballrooms to conference centers to sports bars, we’ve done it all and love getting creative with the way that the media is presented.


Long John Silver's realized that conversations about food in America were evolving rapidly and wanted to capitalize on this evolution.  Capitalization presented three distinct challenges:

  • Tell the Long John Silver’s brand story in a different, emotive way,

  • Engage a broader audience with more substantive content,

  • Spotlight the company’s sustainable fishing practices as part of their corporate responsibility initiative.

The overall objective was to reach a broader audience with depth of content that the traditional advertising model, inherent to quick-service restaurants, had previously eschewed.


  • Impressions of 34+ Million in earned media.

  • Increase in digital interaction with consumers.

  • Recognition amongst peers in the quick-service restaurant industry for originality and subsequent industry bench-marking. 

  • Evergreen press coverage for the company regarding the brand as a whole and its sustainability efforts in fisheries.

TaxSlayer charged Spoken Cinema with creating custom audio and video content to set their product apart from their competition during the 2019 tax season.

Originally, created for social media and radio use, TaxSlayer was so excited about the pieces, that they decided to take the visuals to another level and run them as regional commercials during the Superbowl. We’re excited to analyze the results of these impressions with the possibility of expanding their reach nationally.


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